Monday, February 11, 2019

Top 10 Personal Finance Sites in Israel

In recent years, we have seen a boom in Internet sites on finance matters.

And yet we often need to find reliable information on various financial subjects - investments, pensions, insurance, mortgages, etc.

We have compiled here a list of reliable and objective Israeli personal finance sites.

1. Savey

Savey was founded in 2015 by social entrepreneurs Rani Shahar, Sahar Brodker and Shlomi Amsalem, in order to make financial information accessible in a reliable, objective and friendly manner.

On the site you will find a lot of useful information on personal economic issues including pension, insurance, investments, mortgages, loans and consumer products, along with user-friendly decision-making tools.

2. Hasolidot

A fascinating blog in the field of investments, savings, proper economic conduct and passive income, as well as an active and vibrant forum dealing with the various areas of the personal economy.

3. Pensuni

The person in charge of the pension site is Nadav Tessler, pension manager at Halman Aldubi, and the site focuses on pension and long-term savings, and contains information of great value.

4. Hisachon

A relatively new economic blog focusing on investments and real estate investments.

5. The Optimistic

Ora Ariel's economic blog, which deals with investment worlds and passive income.

6. Mortgageman

As its name implies - a site that deals in depth and quality in the worlds of the mortgage and gives a great deal of information to those who are about to take out mortgages and existing mortgage holders.

7. Effective mortgage

Another great site that deals with the mortgage field is the effective mortgage site of the mortgage advisor Rimon Khayat.

8. The real economy

The economic blog of freelance journalist Eran Hildesheim, dealing with contemporary economic issues, from an unusual point of view.

9. Citrine

The website of pension counselor Ayala Avni, which deals in depth with various professional fields related to the world of pension savings.

10. 2invest

The personal economic site of economic consultant Amit Eshet, which deals with investments, real estate and proper economic conduct, and includes in addition to articles and guides videos and podcast episodes fascinating economic issues.

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